2 Months Baby Development

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2 Montshs Baby Development

Baby development continues rapidly in the 2nd month. In the 2nd month, the baby’s muscles become a little stronger.

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2 Months Old Baby’s Physical Development

Baby development continues rapidly in the 2nd month. In the 2nd month, the baby’s muscles become a little stronger. A two-month-old baby can turn his head from side to side while lying on his back or on his stomach, and can hold his head upright for a while when he is lying on his face, and when he is held under his arms and brought to a sitting position. As in the first month, your baby’s arms and legs are mobile while lying on his back, this month the baby can hold his feet up for a short time.

Cognitive Development of a 2-month-old Baby

Although the baby’s time to focus and watch an object is short, this month he can look at moving and still objects in his field of vision and focus and watch for a short time. He notices the sounds and may turn his head towards the sounds he hears and give different reactions.

Language Development of 2 Month Old Baby

Language development starts from the moment the baby says hello to life, even in the mother’s womb. Even if the baby cannot speak, he or she learns to speak and communicate by hearing the conversations of those around him. Therefore, it is very important to talk to the baby from birth. In the 2nd month, looking at the baby’s face, talking to him, naming the objects he sees around him and taking steps to call him by his name contribute to language development.

Social Development of 2 Month Old Baby

The 2nd month is the month when the baby makes different sounds without crying and starts to cry in different ways for different needs. Over time, the parents understand what the baby wants to say with these sounds and cries, and they take steps to comfort the baby much faster. It is very important to make eye contact with the baby from birth. Looking into the eyes while breastfeeding, taking care of the baby, playing and meeting the needs of the baby is the first clue to the social skills of the baby.

Emotional Development of 2 Month Old Baby

The 2-month-old baby is startled by sudden and loud sounds and movements this month, and may cry. He continues to express his every need by crying. Naming the baby’s emotions, telling the reason for crying is important for the baby to recognize emotions and learn to make sense of and express their own emotions.

What Does a 2-month-old Baby Do?

While following the 2-month-old baby’s development, you can observe the following changes:

  • It makes different sounds other than crying.
  • He can turn his head left and right.
  • He can hold his head upright for a while while lying on his stomach.
  • Can focus briefly on objects in the field of view and follow them.
  • It can turn its head towards the sound.
  • Can make eye contact.

How should a 2-month-old baby be fed?

It is one of the important questions in the minds of parents whether it is necessary to make a change in the feeding of the baby in the 2nd month and whether breast milk is still sufficient. The baby should continue to be fed only breast milk or formula at 2 months. This month, parents realize that their babies suckle for a shorter time. This is not because the baby is sucking less, but because his mouth and jaw muscles are strengthened and used to sucking, he absorbs the same amount of milk in a shorter time, in short, there is no need to worry. If it is thought that breast milk or formula formula is not sufficient, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Feeding Range of 2 Months Old Baby

In this month, the baby needs feeding every two hours on average, as in the previous month. It is sufficient to feed both breasts for a total of 10 minutes by sucking for 5 minutes each.

Night Feeding of 2 Months Old Baby

The baby’s need to feed his stomach at night continues this month. During the night’s sleep, the baby will wake up every 2-3 hours as in the daytime and will want to be fed. The baby, who does not wake up when hungry, still needs to be woken up and fed at regular intervals.

How is the Sleep Pattern of a 2-month-old Baby Provided?

The 2nd month is almost too early for the baby to develop a sleep pattern. 2-month-old baby can not be mentioned in the sleep pattern. It is almost impossible for the baby to distinguish between day and night, and the need to sleep most of the day continues. The baby’s daily sleep need is on average 15-16 hours. The need for sleep is taken in bits and pieces, alternating between sleep and wakefulness during the day.

2 Months Old Baby Sleep Pattern Chart

Knowing the answer to the question of how many hours a two-month-old baby sleeps will relieve parents about the baby’s sleep. It is normal for a baby to sleep for up to 5 hours without interruption during the day and wake up again after their waking needs are met. This month, the baby starts to stay awake for longer periods of time during the day and sleeps slightly longer at night.

To get detailed data about your baby’s sleep training, you can click on the category of sleep training for babies.

How Much Should a 2-Month-Old Baby Weight?

The average weight of a 2-month-old boy is 5400, and the average weight of a girl is 5000 grams, but each baby has a unique growth rate and developmental course. Normal under medical supervision If the development is progressing, there is no need to worry about the baby’s weight being low or high.

2 Months Baby Vaccinations

It is very important for the health of the baby to have the baby’s vaccinations completely at the specified time and to monitor them regularly. The vaccinations that the baby should have this month are more than the previous month. The vaccine calendar includes mixed, tuberculosis and pneumococcal vaccines, which are a single vaccine that immunizes against diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis and hib viruses.

How to Wash a 2 Month Old Baby?

Another 2 month old baby care issue is how to take a bath. The first thing to consider when having a bath is the temperature of the room and the water. Water set neither too cold nor too hot and a room with a temperature of 23 degrees will keep the baby cold and feel more comfortable. It is also very important that the area where the baby will be washed is suitable for him. Baby tubs or basins suitable for the size of the baby will be appropriate. Starting to wet the baby from the beginning makes the baby nervous, so it is necessary to wet the baby’s body first and then the head after the baby gets used to the water. Bathing time should not be too long. Talking to the baby, singing songs, looking into his eyes and smiling while bathing the baby relaxes the baby and helps to have a more comfortable bathing process.

What are 2 Month Old Baby Toys?

Toys and activities are important instruments for baby education. The 2nd month is a good time to buy your baby a play mat/centre. The fact that the baby lies on his back and sees the colored toys, which is the main thing, warns his sense of sight, touching them with his movements and making them move teaches the effective reaction. In addition to play mats, tiny, easy-to-hold plush animals, bells that can be attached to wrists and ankles, socks with bells, and toys that make sounds are the right options to support development.

2 Months Old Baby Play Activities

Baby activities can also be done this month. While walking around with the baby, naming what he sees and having the baby touch it, making small gymnastic movements, strengthening the body muscles by laying the baby on his stomach, singing during the waking hours of the baby, talking while looking into his eyes and dancing to the music are useful baby activities.

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