3 Months Baby Development

Early Signs of Pregnancy

3 Montshs Baby Development

In the 3rd month, the baby, whose muscles get stronger, gains a little body control.

Early Signs of Pregnancy

Physiological Development of 3 Month Old Baby

When the arm is held and lifted under the arms, when it is picked up, it can stand upright more controlled and longer compared to the previous months, it can control its head, it can hold it upright, but it is still necessary to support the head. In the 3rd month, his own hands begin to attract the attention of the baby and he moves his hands more often, he enjoys watching his hands move.

3 Months Baby Movements

The question of what does a 3-month-old baby do is a question that parents want to know the answer to. A 3-month-old baby can lift his head with support from his elbows and arms and hold it for a while. The baby’s head and back are more upright compared to the previous months. The baby, whose legs are constantly moving, can pull his feet towards his tummy while lying on his back. It can come to a sitting position when the hands are held and pulled while lying on its back, but it is not healthy to sit the baby for a long time yet. When it is held under the arms and its feet are placed on a hard surface, it presses strongly and moves its legs as if taking a step.

3-Month Baby Emotional Development

3-month-old baby prefers to be around people and cries only when left. He feels uneasy this month, as he did in the months before the sudden and loud noises, noises and shouts around him. When the baby cries, when he is restless, taking care of him and calming him, hugging and kissing him is very important for the development of confidence and for him to learn to calm himself.

3 Months Old Baby’s Intelligence Development

It is very important for the baby’s mental development and language development to tell the name of these objects to the baby, who can catch and grasp the objects in the 3-month-old baby’s development, and to explain what they do. Although this month is a very early month for the baby to speak and understand everything that is said, the foundations of language development are laid. Allowing the child to touch the surrounding objects, introducing their smells and sounds to him, and allowing him to recognize the appropriate objects by putting them in his mouth strengthens learning by stimulating all of the child’s emotions. Looking at the question of what a 3-month-old baby does in the field of intelligence development; This month, the baby gets to know the objects that are mostly used in life, such as bottles and pacifiers. When he sees them, his excitement and movement and the start of the sucking reflex are indications that he has recognized these objects. In the 3rd month, the baby starts to explore his body. He watches as he moves his hands and feet, puts his hands and fingers in his mouth and sucks.

3 Months Baby Eye Development

The baby, who can see objects 15-20 centimeters away, starts to follow these objects in the 3rd month. He can move his eyes from one object to another without turning his head, and can start to make eye contact with the person who is dealing with him. Baby’s eyes are very sensitive to light this month. It is especially important to reduce the light ratio of the sleeping environment.

3-Month Baby Nutrition and Transition to Additional Food

The 3rd month is a very early period to switch to additional food. The baby does not need any food other than breast milk or formula for the first 6 months. In other words, 3rd month baby nutrition is the same as in the previous months, in short, it is necessary to switch to breast milk or formula food.

This month, the baby’s sleep and feeding cycle seems to be in order. It wakes up and feeds at certain times, then goes to sleep.

Feeding Frequency of 3-month-old Baby

Although the frequency of breastfeeding varies according to each baby, it is sufficient to breastfeed every 3 hours in the 3rd month. In cases where it is thought that breast milk is not enough, the feeding of the baby should be regulated in consultation with the doctor.

3 Months Baby Nutrition Chart

This month, the baby should continue with breast milk or formula. The baby determines the feeding pattern himself. It is necessary to feed the baby every time he wakes up from sleep and cries when he is hungry. The baby should be fed on average 5-6 times a day in this way.

Night Feeding of 3 Months Old Baby

In the 3rd month, the baby needs to be fed at night, but it is also important to realize whether the baby is really hungry and to feed it. If the baby wakes up at about the same time and sucks with appetite, it is a sign that he is awake because he is hungry, but if he wakes up at irregular intervals and does not suckle too much, it can be thought that the baby uses the breast or bottle as a relaxation tool and sucks out of habit. In this month, the baby should be fed as in the morning and whenever he wants to be fed.

Should a 3-month-old baby sleep pattern be good?

The baby spends most of the day sleeping this month, as in previous months. The average sleep requirement of the baby is 14 hours. As night sleeps begin to lengthen, the amount of time the baby stays awake during the day also begins to increase. The time that a 3-month-old baby spends awake can take 1 and a half to 2 hours. Since the sleep pattern, which has a very important place for the baby’s development, is created in line with the baby’s needs, it is necessary to be precise and to observe the baby well.

Sleep Training for 3-month-old Babies

The third month is too early to start sleep training. day-night The perception of face has not developed, and there is no need to give sleep training to the baby who needs long-term daytime sleep and night feeding. It is necessary to wait another month or two to start the baby’s sleep training.

3-Month Baby Vaccination Schedule

There is no vaccination required in the 3rd month of the baby who had hepatitis B, mixed, tuberculosis and pneumococcal vaccines in the previous months.

3-month-old baby ailmentsBaby health is still an issue that needs careful attention. Although there are no diseases that need special attention for the third month, parents should be careful in their behavior against child diseases, colds and the possibility of infection, as every month. A 3-month-old baby’s weight gain, lengthening and head circumference give important information about his health. This month, the baby’s average weight is 6 kg, height is 60 cm, and head circumference is 40.5 cm; The average weight of the baby girl is 5.5 kilograms, her height is 59 centimeters and her head circumference is 39.5 centimeters.

3 Months Baby Activities

This month, the baby starts to move, and tying cloths that make noise to the feet and wrists of the baby, whose feet and arms are very mobile while lying down, increase the baby’s movements and stimulate the hearing sense. It’s also a good idea to tie toys to the sides of the crib to encourage baby to move around and use their body to reach out and grab the toys. Getting the baby to do gymnastics is also among the baby activities that are ideal to support physical development this month. Activities are very important for 3-month-old baby development and for all months.

Should 3 Month Old Baby Toys Be Good?

In the 3rd month, the play mat, plush animals and toys that make sounds, which were used in the previous months, are still among the useful toys for the baby. Rattles, balls and cloth books can also be added to these toys this month.

3 Month Old Baby Brain Teasers

Talking to the baby is one of the most important activities for the development of intelligence, as it is every month for the development of a 3-month-old baby. Holding the baby in a semi-sitting position facing each other, approaching him, making eye contact and smiling, talking, singing songs and playing games with different gestures and sounds, and imitating the sounds the baby makes during this game is a useful activity that can be done in the 3rd month. This game supports baby’s language development. Showing the baby objects of different colors and sizes from the distance they can see and allowing them to touch them, introducing these objects to the baby is an activity that develops the mental skills of the baby. Baby activities and games like these contribute to the baby’s intelligence development.

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