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Pregnancy is a period of great risk. The mother’s body is under tremendous stress and she needs to make sure that the pregnancy is progressing as it should. She should be aware of simple things like changes in her breasts and nausea.

She should make sure she is eating properly and her doctor should monitor her for signs of high blood pressure and gestational diabetes that can lead to preeclampsia. There are many ways to harm a fetus during pregnancy, from smoking to drug use.

Maternal health care is vital during pregnancy and includes prenatal care, monitoring for complications and treatment as needed. There are many health risks for the baby, from sudden infant death syndrome to birth defects. However, if she is in poor health or has not received adequate prenatal care, the greatest risk is still the mother herself.

Major problems in child development include low birth weight infants, preterm birth and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). This occurs when a baby dies suddenly, but for no apparent reason. These three important factors are interrelated: low birth weight increases the risk of preterm birth; premature birth increases the risk of SIDS; and SIDS reduce the chances of survival after premature birth.